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LX Pipes consists of a team of young people who have made it their business to create an exclusive and unprecedented smoking experience for you. We ourselves were fed up with scratchy pipes or unpleasant-tasting cigarettes. It was important to us to combine aesthetics with the best possible filtering. We also came up with the idea of ​​producing pipes that shouldn't break any more. In our youth we had spent too much money on innumerable cheap articles. Therefore, an alternative had to be found that would stand for strength and longevity. And that's how our first LX pipes came about.

We fought numerous nights. We worked on suitable mouthpieces, on the right material and on the optimal combustion chamber. We wanted smoking pleasure and never burning lips again. Said and done. We released our first LX Pipes Athletic Series 1.0 in 2014. The pipes were made of shiny stainless steel and an absolute eye-catcher. We were as proud as Bolle when we were allowed to hold the first pipes in our hands.
The 1.0 series was still made of one piece, but already had our sophisticated combustion chamber system, which burned evenly and at the same time enabled a tasteful smoking experience.

After the start of sales, we developed a suitable plug-in adapter relatively quickly that could hold a 7mm activated carbon filter. With this extension we suddenly filtered an incredible number of pollutants from the smoke and from this point on we were able to speak of a real smoking experience. It is important to emphasize that none of the ingredients that are so important to us are lost during the filtering process. This turn is unbeatable!

If you think now that we rested on the success of the pipes, you are very wrong. Because our irrepressible urge to create new ideas drives us time and again to improve and optimize our existing products. In addition, we would like to develop a little bit further every day in order to offer you and your friends out there smoking pleasure at all levels.

That is why we launched the LX Pipes Athletic Series 2.0. From this point on, an additional adapter for the pipes was no longer necessary. Because we could now unscrew the pipes in the middle. The quality of the material was once again improved and the CNC machined thread enabled us to open the pipes in different sizes as smooth as butter. In the interior we no longer put 7mm filters, but 9mm activated carbon filters from Purize. Due to the larger surface of the filter, even more pollutants are now caught in the activated carbon filter. Means more smoking pleasure for you and less strain on your lungs. In addition, with the company Purize, we have brought the best filter manufacturer on the market on board. Best pipe quality meets the premier class of activated carbon filters. With every purchase of an LX Pipes you get 2x filters from Purize with it.

Tired of your old pipe? Have you been smoking for far too long and don't feel like coughing and clearing your throat all the time? Switch to an 

LX pipe and you will never want to get another pipe again. Promised!

In addition to the durable stainless steel quality, the surface of the material ensures that you can get all parts, including the stainless steel screen, clean again without leaving any residue.
You can of course get everything you need in our shop.
We have a suitable organic cleaner in our range as well as the optimal brushes and pipe cleaners. You see, no wish remains unfulfilled here. So let yourself drift and click through our range.

You think we're at the end of this? Far from it, because our next goal is not only to make pipe friends happy, but also people who have a weakness for long sports cigarettes. That is why the Pimp My Joint section is constantly being expanded. With us you will find what can help you to make consumption even more pollutant-free. Do you have an idea for a new unbeatable product that is missing from our range? Write us on Instagram or email us directly 


We are open to any idea and would be happy to develop the next big hit with you.


But that's not all. The bong also wants to be pimped. How do you wonder We'll tell you in the next few months. Whether special activated carbon adapters, coolers or burning aids, a lot will happen here too. Be curious and stop by again.

Thanks for your support!

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